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  • Travel Management Reports: Preferred Travel & Company customizes travel management reports to our clients needs. We understand the importance of being able to make difficult budgetary decisions in this day of travel.
  • Travel Policy Customization: With our experience and varied client base, we are able to present to you the best ways to control travel costs while exceeding your business travelers' expectations.
  • Tracking of unused, non-refundable tickets: We keep track of all airline tickets that your company does not use. We will credit them towards the next possible itinerary to ensure the company does not lose the ticket at the end of the year.
  • Negotiate preferred hotel and car programs: Preferred Travel & Company offers numerous hotel and car discount programs. We also will negotiate on your part contracts that meet specific needs of your company.
  • Form of Payment options: We understand that all companies have different needs when it comes to reimbursement of travel. We will help you choose a form of payment option that best suits your company. We are happy to assist you with this very important aspect of your travel program.
  • Invoice/Itinerary: Preferred Travel & Company has the ability to email an itinerary or invoice, enabling the corporate client to document the cost of travel in a more efficient manner. This will eliminate many of the obstacles travelers come across when doing expense reports. Our on-line system also gives our travelers the ability to check flight status, to process on-line check in directly with the airline, check the weather at their destination and many other features that make this process much easier for travelers.
  • Passport and Visa Assistance: We will help expedite any passport or visa that is needed for International Travel. We have numerous contacts with agencies to help coordinate the travel itinerary and provide the proper documentation needed to enter the country that you will be visiting.
  • World Wide Rail Reservations: We have access to all rail companies, whether it be Amtrak domestically, or Euro Rail Internationally. This adds to the quality of service that we provide to help customize and complete each travel itinerary.
  • Off-site conference rooms: We are happy to provide to our clients the assistance in booking off-site meetings and conferences. With our knowledge of the industry we know the questions to ask and the negotiation process when it comes to contracting with hotels and airlines.
  • Business Traveler Profile: When company travelers complete our Business Travel Profile, their personal travel information and preferences are kept securely and in the strictest confidence, in order to provide our travel consultant with information routine for any reservation. Completing this form will prevent the need to repeat preferences each time you travel with us. We treat all information in the strictest of confidence and will only use it under your direction.

Please call us for all of your corporate travel needs!
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