Travel Consultant Experience – Tauck Bus Tour Northern Italy

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Hello, my name is Karen Kelley.  I’m a senior leisure travel consultant here at Preferred Travel.  I’ve been in the industry for over 40 years, but believe it or not I have never been to Northern Italy with the exception of Venice.  So, I recently had the opportunity to do that with Tauck World Discovery. Read more

Travel Consultant Experience – Harmony of the Seas

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By Gretchen Berger

My name is Gretchen Berger and I’m the marketing coordinator here at Preferred Travel.  I’m taking you to the Royal Caribbean’s new ship the Harmony of the Seas.  It’s the largest cruise ship in the world at the moment.  I took a two-day trip to the Bahamas just as soon as the ship came out to take a look around to know all the amazing things it has to offer.Read more

Travel Consultant Experience – Ziplining Through Costa Rica

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Hi.  My name is Jenni Pierce and I’m the assistant to the manager here at Preferred Travel of Naples.  I traveled to Costa Rica in April of 2016.  The one thing that interested me about visiting Costa Rica was the volcanoes.  The beautiful, serene “pura vida” that they have going on there.Read more

Travel Consultant Experience – Mekong River Cruise

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by Lillian Rudd

Hello, I’m Lillian Rudd and I’m a luxury travel consultant with Preferred Travel of Naples.  I would love to share my experience on Ama Waterways.  I had the pleasure of doing a Mekong River Cruise with Ama and we covered Cambodia and Vietnam.Read more

Travel Consultant Experience – Antarctica

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By Linda Walker

Hi.  My name is Linda Walker.  I’m a luxury travel consultant with Preferred Travel and I’m going to tell you a little bit about my trip to Antarctica, which I took in November of 2016.  It is what they consider to be their summer season.  It’s actually the only time you can go to Antarctica – between November and March.Read more

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