Signature Consultant Experience – Tauck Culturious Italy

My name is Karen Berger and I’m a travel consultant for Preferred Travel.  We’re talking today about Italy, especially Tauck Tours, which has a special brand called Culturious.

I wasn’t really sure I wanted to take a bus tour.  I thought I was too young, too active that I wanted to do too many things that I thought a tour wouldn’t give me.  But when I saw the Culturious itinerary and all of the different things that they offered, I decided it was time for me to give it a try.

The tour started in Florence then moved over to Cinque Terre and ended in Siena.  I would say that the activities they offered were the highlights.  When we were in Florence we got to meet art restoration experts who worked on restoring these ancient works of art without changing what they were.  Going to the marble quarries and seeing how they quarry the marble.  Riding a bicycle around the top of the town of Luca, pasta making in a little town in a vineyard.  Just interesting and diverse things to do.

What was great about the Culturious Tauck tour is that my group was only 16 people, so we had a small bus and all of the destinations were within three hours of each other so it was never a long bus ride but we still made our stops to do the pasta making, to see the marble or to ride our bikes.  So, it was interesting and the time flew by.  I was very impressed.

What was really nice about the tour was that there was a big diversity of people.  We had a family of four with daughters in their 20’s, we had two older ladies from Australia, we had couples from California, Michigan, Florida all with similar interests as mine because of this type of tour.  It made it really great.  This is a tour for almost everyone, not specified by being younger or older.  It’s more specified on what your interests are and your willingness to immerse yourself in a culture and to be more active.

The difference with the Tauck Culturious tour is that they try to give you more freedom.  They try to make sure that you have at least a half a day free every few days.  They try to make so you can go on your own to dinner and be more individual.  So, some dinners were included.  All of the breakfasts were included, a few special lunches but you also had the time on your own.

I was really excited to visit Cinque Terre.  It was on my bucket list and I wasn’t disappointed.  We came in by boat and visited the different villages, which were all beautiful and then we had the opportunity to take the train and go back to visit the different villages.  It was awesome and beautiful and I feel really lucky we got to see it.

The service with Tauck was excellent.  Our tour director was lovely and very excited about where she was taking us, very helpful and knowledgeable and wanted to help in any way she could to make our trip perfect.

If you’re interested in booking this adventure or any other adventure, please go to our website or give us a call at 239.261.1177 and one of our travel experts would be happy to assist you.

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