Signature Consultant Experience – Rocky Mountaineer

Hi.  My name is Kathy Borelli.  I’m with Preferred Travel of Naples and I’m the office coordinator and I’d like to talk to you about my trip aboard the Rocky Mountaineer.

This is a trip I always wanted to take.  It’s kind of out of my comfort zone, wandering into the wilderness but I thought I would challenge myself this year.  I was very much surprised at how nice and comfortable going into the wilderness was.  Rocky Mountaineer handled everyone with white gloves.  The trip was very easy and the train ride was really a luxury train ride.  The Rocky Mountaineer train ride is actually a land tour and it was a weeklong trip with 2 days on the train, so we went on a luxury motor coach from Calgary to Lake Louise and then we got on the train to Vancouver.  We spent 2 full days on the train from about 8 in the morning to about 2 in the afternoon.

We went with the Gold Level on the Rocky Mountaineer, which meant down to a private dining car to have our meals.  The fun part about that was we met so many interesting people.  They rotate your meals with different people at different times, so we met people from Africa, Beverly Hills, the U.K. and everybody had their own special stories and we got to share our story with people too.  The Gold Level included all of your spirits and wines all day long.  Between that they served us gourmet snacks that included fruits and snacks as well as pastries.  They surprised and delighted us at every turn.

I would say the train ride was very comfortable.  It was supposedly going 60 miles per hour but it felt it was going at a slow pace.  We really got to see all of the scenery up close.  Even the different wildlife was easy to take pictures of because you were on this glass-enclosed train and it was very open and easy for everyone to take pictures.

The mountains were spectacular.  It was narrated.  The narration was unbelievable; they told you about each and every mountain.  There were snow-capped mountains and wildlife and trees as far as you can see.  One of the spectacular things was the waterfalls coming down the mountains are brushed against the rock and minerals deposit in lakes and make the lakes turquoise.  So, we saw all these turquoise rivers and wildlife.  It was just a panoramic scene of beauty.  The scenery was different farmlands and vineyards and so much diversity even though its mountains.  It’s the wilderness; not a place I’d like to live but a beautiful place to see.

Another exciting thing we did was we actually walked on a glacier.  They took us in these great big trucks with big tires and they took us way up so we could walk around on a glacier.  I would say one of the big highlights was in Banff Springs staying in the Fairmont.  We were sitting out on the patio, surrounded by mountains and a turquoise lake, the flowers were blooming and the birds were singing and it was so unexpected.  I thought it was going to be cold but it was actually in the 70’s.  There were people walking around the lake; it was a picture postcard to be honest.

I would recommend this to people of all ages.  If you want enjoy the wilderness at a leisurely pace and take your time and have them take care of you, you’re very safe on Rocky Mountaineer.  The staff was wonderful.  They couldn’t cater to us more or take care of us better.

So, in closing I’d like to say if you’d like to book any of these trips with Preferred Travel, please call 239.261.1177 or you can visit our website  If you’re not working with a travel expert, please feel free to visit our office and we’ll make sure you’re very well taken care of.

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