Suzanne Dennis

Senior Travel Advisor & Assistant Leisure Manager

Take a look at my trip aboard Uniworld River Cruises' Joie de Vivre!

Specialties: Deluxe cruising, tours and customized travel.

Personal Travel highlight of a recent trip: Baltic countries and India.

Favorite thing I try to do when I travel: Favorite thing I try to do when I travel: speak with concierge at hotel about restaurants, museums, anything "special" occurring in the city or near countryside.

Best Travel Advice: Keep open mind and open heart.

Best Client Rescue: Children having no passports, only birth certificates to arrive into Vancouver for Disney cruise. Flew them to Seattle, took train-which kids loved-into Vancouver spent night in this Marvelous city and boarded ship with no problem.

Most memorable Client trip: A&K's first round the world jet experience. Single elderly lady appeared at office late on Friday afternoon in the summer and said she wanted to go-oh sure. Spoke with A&K-they had 3 spaces open, held one until Monday when full payment needed and client was at door of agency opening on Monday with full payment.

Favorite Destination: Baltic countries and India-would return anytime. British Isles always welcome in my travelling spirit.

Dream Trip: Changes every day as there are so many new exciting, challenging opportunities for travel today anywhere and most anytime Bucket List to do's: Hope my list is never completed as new ideas always come to light

Bucket List to do's: Hope my list is never completed as new ideas always come to light.

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