Kimberly Coplon

Travel Specialist

Personal Travel highlight of a recent trip: The last time I was in Italy I had the opportunity to see the Chianti region in a very special way. My party and I had a private excursion on horseback strolling through the many vineyards as well as a big portion of the region itself. We also had the privilege to enjoy a sit-down dinner in a traditional Italian restaurant and sampled a variety of different wines—which of course was probably one of my favorite activities.


Favorite thing I try to do when I travel: Whenever I arrive in a new location I love exploring the city by walking around or taking a hop on hop off bus. Being able to explore on my own and see the city in a very casual way helps me get a better feel for the area and sometimes even stumble upon unique shops and restaurants that I may have otherwise overlooked.


Best Travel Advice: It’s important to get adjusted to the area and time zone of which you are visiting as quickly as possible, so you can start enjoying the new location right away. I recommend sleeping as much as possible on the plane ride over and trying to stay awake/going to sleep at the appropriate time once you land in the new city. Take a day of leisure to explore your surrounding and get a feel for the city so you have a better lay of the land during your trip.


Favorite Destination: Too many to list! I have yet to experience a destination I did not genuinely and truly enjoy because every location offers something a little different.


Dream Trip: As of right now, my dream trip would be to an Africa Safari to see the Big Five. Since I was a little girl, I would watch documentaries of this area and has always had a distant dream to go on many adventures in the region. If given the opportunity, I would leave in a heartbeat!

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