Kristina Gear

IC Team Manager

Check out my latest adventure to India and Dubai!

My career in travel (Officially) began in  2013 (But I was born into the business in 1991)

Specialties: Travel Trends, Spain, Italy, India, Cuba, Costa Rica, Cruises, Groups

Personal Travel highlight of a recent trip: Recently I went on my honeymoon from Rome to Barcelona and one of the highlights was walking Las Ramblas and eating fresh seafood at the Market in Barcelona. 

Favorite thing I try to do when I travel: I love trying as many local dishes as possible. Most local dishes are prepared with local ingredients and this is a great way to experience something new.

Best Travel Advice: Take in every single second of every single trip, even if it is a stressful moment, because you will soon be able to look back and laugh at the things that happen to you when you travel as every moment turns into a memory. Also, taking it all in is important because you never know when you’ll be back to that destination. 

Favorite Destination: I would have to say Venice is one of my favorite destinations, but Europe as a whole has incredible cultures and a vast history that makes it such an incredible place to visit.

Dream Trip: My dream trip is to the French Polynesia to stay in an overwater bungalow. 

Bucket List to do’s: Visit Tahiti. Take a road trip across the United States and visit Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons and other major national landmarks that are often taken for granted.

I am a member of: The Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce - Ambassador

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