Signature Hotel Experience – Hotel Claris Barcelona

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Hi, I’m Karen Berger.  I’m a leisure travel consultant for Preferred Travel.  I’ve been in the industry for 36 years.  I recently returned from Barcelona after a beautiful cruise and had the pleasure of staying at our Signautre, The Hotel Claris & Spa.  It was my second time; it’s a beautiful hotel right up from the Paseo de Gracia.  It’s only 124 rooms, very intimate.Read more

Signature Hotel Experience – Browns Hotel

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Hi. I’m Joan Leedy. I’m a senior travel consultant with Preferred Travel. We were lucky enough to stay at the Brown’s Hotel, which is London’s first hotel and it is located in the Mayfair District where you are close to shopping. I think that what stands out about most of the hotels in London, includingRead more

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