Travel Consultant Experience – Ziplining Through Costa Rica


Hi.  My name is Jenni Pierce and I’m the assistant to the manager here at Preferred Travel of Naples.  I traveled to Costa Rica in April of 2016.  The one thing that interested me about visiting Costa Rica was the volcanoes.  The beautiful, serene “pura vida” that they have going on there.

Adventures by Disney provides a wonderful, luxury, family-oriented vacation for anyone of all ages.  They treated us top-notch.  They took care of our luggage; we never had to worry about transferring our luggage from point A to point B because you were always on the go.  The itinerary was always very tight but amazing.

I traveled with my 10-year-old daughter.  I told her about the trip and told her that it entailed a lot of different activities, a lot of physical activities and a lot of strenuous activities but mainly zip lining and white-water rafting.  They were on my bucket list to do in Costa Rica and I said I would take you but you have to do everything and she did.  She loved every minute of it.  She appreciated it, which was my biggest importance of the entire trip.  Preferred Travel was able to offer that to us and I thank them for it.

One of my major highlights?  That is so difficult because the entire trip was a highlight, but I would have to say zip lining was my favorite of all.  You can do that anywhere, but just in Costa Rica… it was beautiful.  I think the green, lush landscaping.  There was actually a very interesting volcano fact that they gave us.  In that particular area that they took us to do the zip line, we actually had to cross over a little bridge that actually had lava running through it constantly and it just made the experience that much better.  And even through it wasn’t there anymore, you could just see black dirt or black rocks from when it did.

We were able to experience in the rain forest and actually we got to see a sloth, which they go very slow so you can catch them at any point in time.  We were also able to see lots of monkeys, crocodiles, rare birds and we even saw a toucan.

Adventures by Disney caters to adults as well as children, so they have family activities for everyone and then they evening opportunities for adults to just have some alone time.  They take the kids to do other things.  They are just a wonderful company that makes you want to feel like a family.

I would suggest that clients book Adventures by Disney through Preferred Travel because we are able to offer them extra amenities.  We are able to be here 24/7, whatever their needs are.

If you would like to book your very own Adventures by Disney dream vacation, please contact us here at Preferred Travel of Naples.  If you don’t have a travel agent, we can connect you with one.  Please call 239.261.1177 or visit our website at

We look forward to assisting you!


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