Travel Consultant Experience – Exploring New England


My name is Esther Alvarez.  I’m a travel consultant for Preferred Travel of Naples.  Last summer, I was very privileged to go to a Tauck tour with our agency manager, Olga Placeres.  We went to the beautiful area of Cape Code and the islands of New England.  It was a great tour with Tauck tour and we had the opportunity to see how they work and how they treat our clients because our clients love to work with Tauck tours.

I went to Boston, which is a beautiful city.  The history, the parks they have, the restaurants and the hotels are amazing.  We stayed at the Lenox.  The Lenox has the history; it’s everything about the city.  So, it was really nice to start in that area.

From there, we went to Plymouth Plantation, which is where everything started for Thanksgiving.  They had a live museum in that area, so you have the opportunity to see how they live and how they work at that time.  That was in the 17th century.  It’s also great for kids because they have the opportunity to see the history live.  That was a really nice experience.

From Plymouth, we went to Martha’s Vineyard, which is a beautiful place because it is close to the water.  The beauty of the construction, homes how they are.  Also, it’s very cozy.  It was a really nice city to go to.  We went by ferry, which was a really nice experience too.  So, we went to the Harbor View in Martha’s Vineyard.  It’s a cozy, historic hotel.  In Cape Cod, we went to the Chatham Inn in Cape Cod, which is a gorgeous hotel also.

For me, one of the major highlights was the whale watching.  It was an experience that I will never forget.  It’s beautiful because they take you by boat to a place where all of the whales are and we were able to see all kinds of whales.  There were hundreds I would say.  We could hear them; they were jumping up and down.  It was like they knew we were watching them.

We also had a great opportunity to go to Newport, Rhode Island.  Newport, Rhode Island is all about the mansions there.  We went to a beautiful mansion… The Breakers, which was the summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt.  That mansion had like 40 rooms.  It’s also there by the water.  The gardens they have.  And it’s a museum, so inside you can see how they live.

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