Travel Consultant Experience – Seabourn Encore

Hello, my name is Bo Gover; I’m a senior travel consultant for Preferred Travel.  I recently had the opportunity to cruise on the elegant Seabourn Encore ship with 600 passengers and a nice suite. 

The embarkation process was very simple.  The cab driver dropped us off right in front of the entry way and we were served champagne.  They took us right to our suite.  The ship has all suites with balconies.  It was very comfortable.  The room was stocked with my favorite Shiraz vino.

The service was amazing!  The staff knew my name.  As soon as I was at the bar at the Thomas Keller Grill, I looked around thinking someone knew me, but all of the staff studies the passengers to learn their name.  This level of service surprised all of the guests.

The restaurants were excellent.  We had many choices.  We were at the Thomas Keller, which were their intimates.  The sushi restaurant, the staff was so enthusiastic and excited about sharing their specialties.  The Restaurant, called The Restaurant, was very fine.  The sommelier remembered that I appreciated one of the Shiraz wines and it was sitting in my stateroom that evening.

The theme of the ship was UNESCO sites.  The speaker spoke about the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization and it made it more interesting because we visited these sites and we were more learned because of the speaker.

We visited many of the ports that had UNESCO sites.  We started from Serve de Vecio, which is near Rome and then Barcelona.  We visited Malta, which we did a tour through the city.  It was a very unusual city.  All of them are made of sand sculptures.

Guests that would be interested on this ship would be well traveled and want to learn more because of the views that they offer.

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