Travel Consultant Experience – Adventures by Disney Italy

Bonjourno, I’m Donna Christensen, a senior travel consultant here at Preferred Travel of Naples.  I just had the pleasure of taking an Adventure by Disney to Italy.  It was an eight-night tour.  We started in Rome, went on to Tuscany and finished in Venice.

It’s hard to say what was the highlight because there were so many highlights.  The day that we arrived, we did the coliseum and we had a welcome dinner.

The next day, we started off with a quick walk to the Vatican area where we went to St. Peter’s with no lines, with no one in the square.  We had the basilica to ourselves.  It was just fantastic to see the world’s largest cathedral and to see Michelangelo’s Pieta.  I had seen it at the World’s Fair in 1964 when it was in the United States.

We had a lunch of pizza tasting.  We tried four different kinds of pizza, family style.  It was great fun.  We had a little free time where you could go swimming or whatever back at the hotel and then we met for our evening tour, a private tour of the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums.  To see all that artwork and just be 40 people was an incredible experience.  We weren’t rushed.  At the Sistine Chapel we were allowed to take pictures, our local guide there was phenomenal she just brought everything to such life and had so much enthusiasm.  She may do this all the time but she made it seem like it was a magical first time experience for all of us.

We were then on our way to Tuscany, which would be our base for the next three nights.  We visited Orvieto, which is a charming little town.  We had lunch there to break up the trip.

The following day we went to Sarah’s farm where we were given our aprons and made pasta.  It was surprisingly easier than we thought.  We got the recipe and diplomas when we were finished making the pasta.  From there we did a little tour, they have a winery.  We saw how the facility was run.  It’s a real farm, so we saw the cows.  We could feed them and pet them.  The adults went on for a wine tasting while the junior adventurers went on to make flavored olive oils and we all met up for a pasta lunch.  It was fabulous.  It was a beautiful day over looking San Gimignano.  Life was good.  That evening after free time, we boarded the motor coach to a castle that Leonardo Divinci stayed at years and years ago.  We had a banquet dinner there complete with local entertainment with singing and dancing.  It was all in Italian, but we participated.  It was great fun.

The next stay was in Florence and we got to see David for the first time.  We got there early, there were no lines; no people around.

We then arrived in Venice and began our journey there on gondolas across town.  It was a magical way to start the trip.  Everyone thought that was one of the highlights in Venice.  From there we explored a little bit.  We went to St. Mark’s Square and then checked into our hotels.  The following day, we began at the Doge’s Palace and the junior adventures went off with the Disney guides and did their own scavenger hunt and had their own tour while the adults went with the local guide for a tour of the palace and we all met up at the end.  We saw the Bridge of Sighs, which people this is romantic but it’s really going to the prison.  It’s not a romantic thing at all.  The next activity we did, we walked across town and went to a mask store and saw the lovely masks they do for Carnival in Venice.  Then we went around the corner to the lab where we picked out masks that we would paint and decorate ourselves.

I highly recommend Adventures by Disney.  You don’t even have to have children to go.  They do tours all over while children are in school that are adults only.  You will have a wonderful experience traveling with Adventures by Disney.

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