Signature Hotel Experience – Browns Hotel

Hi. I’m Joan Leedy. I’m a senior travel consultant with Preferred Travel. We were lucky enough to stay at the Brown’s Hotel, which is London’s first hotel and it is located in the Mayfair District where you are close to shopping. I think that what stands out about most of the hotels in London, including the Brown’s, is the concierge staff. You really feel like you’re at home with this hotel. When you enter or exit the hotel, the concierge staff is there to help you, answer questions and they really become friends by the end of your stay. It really makes for a very personal stay especially when you stay at these iconic London hotels.
The hotel is managed by Rocco Forte. He did a full renovation of the hotel. They have introduced a lot of modern aspects to the hotel. The hotel is really a blend of its origins. They have the British tearoom there, the original floors and the beautiful woodwork. But the rooms themselves are quite contemporary in style but it really blends the traditional British with a more modern contemporary feel. It’s kind of the best of both worlds. Beautiful bedrooms and bathrooms.
When staying at Brown’s hotel, our clients receive breakfast each morning as well as a 75 Great British credit, which we went to have dinner one night, which was lovely.
The hotel has a Bentley that sits out front and the Bentley is on request and the concierge will be happy to connect with the driver and take you to wherever you want to go within a certain radius of the hotel.
We had been out shopping and were shopping at Harrod’s and we stopped by the hotel just to drop off our bags and the concierge asked where we were going next and we said oh, we’re just going to head down to the London eye and he said oh, just a moment let me see if the driver is available. I said, that’s not necessary. We can walk. He insisted and went out and got the driver. We jumped in the Bentley and were transported down to the London Eye. That was really quite a treat.
These concierge are so passionate about their job, they really care about their guests. They really go out of their way to make your vacation very special; very personal. To me that was very much a part of our stay.
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