Robert Gandini

Travel Specialist

Specialties: Europe: Italy, France, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Portugal, BENELUX, Croatia, Turkey, Czech, etc.

Middle East/Africa: Israel, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa

Central and North America: US nature and E/W coast destinations, Hawaii, Panama, Costa Rica - jungle and nature trips.

Completely custom built travel

Personal Travel highlight of a recent trip: My travel highlights typically involve meeting up with people and friends I have met while traveling or living in different places. We explore new and out of the way regions, hike the natural areas and find things you cannot find any other way.

Favorite thing I try to do when I travel: I try to meet local people in every place and spend time with them doing everyday things, visiting their homes, having meals and the like. I find this to be one of the best ways to learn about the local culture and what it is like to live in a place as a local. It helps to dig deeper than any tourist would otherwise be able to do.

Favorite thing I try to do when I travel: I am drawn to the empty spaces on the map and I try to visit these spaces wherever I am in the world. No matter how large a city or how many times you have visited a place, there is always nature nearby and it is always worth the trek.

I make it a rule to spend at least one month in every place that I travel to. Only by spending time in one place can you begin to understand how life, traditions and culture works there and thus grasp what it is like to live as a local. Travel becomes a lifestyle and not just an activity when you put in the time.

Best Travel Advice: For most Americans time of is scarce and as a result travel is limited to short trips. As a result many Americans, especially in Europe, attempt to squeeze as much as possible into a week or two by hopping from place to place and seeing the major sights before returning home. My advice is instead to spend more time in fewer places, move less and take day trips out of your home base. By spending more time you give each destination the attention it deserves, you see more, learn more and your time spent becomes far more meaningful and memorable than it would be had you run ragged between destinations. You can always come back to see the rest!

Best Client Rescue: I am constantly rescuing lost and bewildered travelers on the streets and railways of Europe. There is not a day when I do not provide directions, advice, and counsel of all kinds to travelers in need. Client or otherwise I am happy to help!

Most memorable Client trip: Around the world by ship for one year with stops in exotic locations from here to there for trekking and adventure journeys.

Favorite Destination: It's like picking a favorite child! I can't do it.

Some ideas: Paris to live. Capri, Venice and Croatia in the summers. The jungles of Central America and Southeast Asia and the African plains.

Dream Trip: Amazon Rain Forest hike and kayak-through multi-month expedition.

Bucket List to do's: I do them!

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